Radio Playing On An Artist Stopped

Hi, After the update 1.8 (763) received a similar error. The radio was playing on the artist. Then it stopped, and the queue screen showed the track being played and the next track, but nothing happened. After stopping the radio, clearing the queue, it was started again.

Hi @Vadim_Lvov ,

Do you recall what track was playing and when the error occurred?
Did the issue occur only on one zone or multiple zones?
Did re-starting radio work as expected?

  1. Which track was played, I did not remember and did not make a copy of the screen.
  2. The problem occurred in one zone-a direct connection to the core via the USB
  3. After restarting it started working properly.

Hi, I seem to have totally lost the feature to have Roon radio play the artist. From the artist page, if I use Play Now, it plays the artist from my library; if I use either shuffle or start radio, Roon plays music similar to the artist.

Is there a way in 1.8 to have Roon radio play the artist only, I’m sure that was possible in 1.7?


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