Radio Seed Question

I may be missing something painfully obvious but I’d love to have the radio feature reach beyond my library to tidal and be multi genre. When I multipick artists the radio feature disappears and I’m left with only shuffle. The radio that plays at the end of the queue seems to focus only on the last track…thus being genre specific to said track. Hopefully I’m missing something…Thanks.

Yes, it’s kind of disappointing. In my experience, if you play an entire album, Roon radio will then focus on songs from what it’s algorithms consider to be similar albums. Otherwise, it apparently will just focus on the last song played. It does NOT truly use the entire queue of songs you played, just the last one. To me, Roon radio just isn’t anything special. Pandora does a better job in my opinion. Given that Roon knows everything you’ve played, why can’t it go back in the queue and do an analysis of, for example, the last hour of music you played or something like that? Or the last twenty songs, or anything other than just the last song? Given the hyped sophistication of Roons software, surely this can’t be that difficult?

There are other threads on here about this issue that you might want to check out.

Yeah…I wanna use it for music discovery. There are some work arounds but they are more labor intensive than I care for. Even a radio station based on a playlist would be nice. Fingers crossed for future features…

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