Radio settings without streaming?

Fairly new to Roon and trying to figure out how to configure the radio function. Apart from on/off, I have not found any place where I could customize it. Even on/off is very hard to find, on phone app I have not found away how to de-activate it. I don’t use any streaming, only stored files on my core. So I am looking for a “shuffle” functionality that can be customized.

  • How do I set up shuffle/radio for certain genres only, say pop/rock vs. classical? Or maybe shuffle a playlist?
  • Roon occasionally seems to be very limited in the number of album is shuffles. Out of 500 albums, it may only play a strange selection 20, but those repeatedly. Very odd.
  • Depending on what album I selected to begin with, the artists/recordings shuffled change, but still within narrow bandwidth. Again, very strange. Any rational?

If there is a help menu/FAQ on radio settings, I’d love to know where that is. Have not found that either.

Thanks for helping a confused new user.

Hi Daniel and welcome to the community!

If you click on queue top right in the now playing screen there’s the switch to turn radio on/off on the very bottom - see screenshot from an Android device…

Not much to customize, unfortunately, but you can check out the forum section for feature requests and chime in or create new ones.
Many requests don’t get a lot of traction with Roon’s development team, though…

There’s Roon’s knowledge base and here’s a link to the section about radio.
Take your time and browse around the knowledgebase to make yourself more familiar with how things are supposed to be working, although some info may be a little outdated due to all the recent releases…

Thanks for the details. Found the Queue section after much searching around. Again, Roon is really poor at getting new users started.

Re customization, are there creative workarounds? I’ve got synth pop/darkwave followed by Renaissance fives and drum. Both good music, but not one after the other.

Coming from Pandora, I could save multiple radio stations with different flavors. That does not seem to be possible with Roon on local files. It does not seem to be possible to edit/check the thumbs up/down list. Is that true? How to undo an accidental thumbs down? Is thumbs up down only for the current listening/radio session and is re-set after turning radio on/off, or is it stored forever? As it seems to be output device (zone) specific, can it be re-set by deleting output device and adding it again?

Knowledge base indicates that radio from local files only does not use the learning feature, but thumbs up/down is available with local tracks only (no streaming). So something does not add up in the knowledge base info. Or I misunderstand something.

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I don’t have any for you…

I guess so too…

No idea other than the drastic move to uninstall Roon and delete all its remaining folders in order to start over from scratch, but that’s not really a serious option…

No idea at all for the rest of your questions.

That is one function of Pandora I do truly miss and one reason I actually still use Pandora when I can’t be bothered to choose my own music.
My saved self created stations on there will get me very close to my particular mood for music.
And as far as I am aware there seems to be no limit to the number of stations you can create and save on Pandora.
And it’s ai seems to work much better than Spotify IMHO.
Now if Pandora went hires streaming…


Roon Radio ( along with other stuff like Recommended for You) is run by Valence, Roon’s AI logic, it’s needs training !

As you are new it doesn’t know you yet, it needs to build up info about your listening habits. In short the more you listen the more accurate it becomes.

I am almost 5 yrs in and I find the Radio tracks pretty good for my tastes

Have a look at the forum you’ll find threads explaining this.