Radio station drops out after 10 minutes


I might be wrong here, my apologies, please refer me to the right place.
I have a problem with a radio station that I listened to for many years. After 10 minutes, it stops.
Sometimes after 20 minutes. It is NDR Kultur. I tried both 128kbps mp3 and AAC 64 kbps.
No change, it stops after some minutes and I have to start it again.

All other stations are fine. It started two weeks ago or so.

Roon Nucleus, Vega G2 streamer.

Thank you for any help and apologies again if I am wrong here or missed this topic.


Hello @Juergen_Dix , I’ve just played NDR Kultur for over 20 mins on one endpoint (aac stream ), and then 30 mins on another (mp3 stream) without problems, so it does not seem to be the station.

Apologies for the obvious, but have you rebooted everything? If so then we need to move this to the #support:nucleus-support thread.

I have also tested the MP3 stream for the last 25+ minutes and it works for me here in the North middle of the US. Only see one stream for it here.

There are no geo-restriction flags on that station. I wonder why you don’t see the aac stream?

I did a reboot several times. I am doing one now and shall report.
I made a mistake: since one year I am using a prime mini, not a Nucleus.

I also tried — Oh, while writing this it just stopped again after 3 minutes, I saw a “unable to … address seems to be temporarily …” ---- a Zenith MK II as roon endpoint and went into a DAC from there.
Same behaviour.

I tried 5 other stations, also german stations and they work fine.

NDR Kultur did work fine for the last two years, but maybe I should move to the US …


Have you tried other endpoints?
Anyway, it doesnt seem station related so I’m moving the thread to #support. I’m sure they’ll sort it out for you.

Two of them are “hidden” according to the directory. I just changed them to published and will try again.
all three are mp3, and they all work for me.

Also, I noticed a keyword of “ARD” is that correct? I added a keyword for NDR.

LOL, maybe I am looking at the wrong station, just noticed there are several different NDR Kulturs.
Will try the other s and see what I get.

What was weird here is when I did my initial search in Roon for ndr kultur nothing returned. shortened it to NDR and got some hits. but now when I do a search for ndr kultur four stations show up.

P.S. I put the one I modified back the way it was when I first found it (NDR Kultur Belcanto). Not sure if the streams should be hidden or not? There was also a streams hidden in NDR Kultur Neo and NDR Kultur Starke Stucke.

They could probably be deleted - I’ll do it later. The only streams that should be there are the .m3u playlist/streams- these contain the up-to-date mp3 and aac streams that NDR use (and those streams re-direct as well, so not a good idea to use those if possible as they may be altered by the audio server).

Ok, thanks. I did test all the visible streams of the four NDR Kultur stations in my screen shot and they all worked for the 30 minutes each I listened to.

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Some update to my problem.
Friday and Saturday (today) I extensively listened.
From 8 am to 10 am I on Friday (GMT+1) I had 6 dropouts
(unable to play the station, address may have …).
Today, again 8 dropouts. But all completely erratically, I do not see any pattern.
But I also noted some problems without a complete dropout (a bit like hissing in the old days), just for a fraction of a second. In 2 hours about 8 times or so.

Friday afternoon it went well for 5 hours without any problem.

Whether using a Zenith MK 2 as endpoint (and then going into my La Voce DACX) or a Vega G2 as endpoint (using its own DAC) does not matter.

It worked fine, though, for the last few years, I did not change anything.

The signal is then going into an autoformer and then in my Jadis DA 5 (but I believe this part does not play any role, does-it?).

Happy to do any modifications or experiments if they help to sort the problem out. It is more than a nuisance now.


If there is any WiFi involved, try without it.

No wifi, all cable. Only starting Roon from my iPhone over WiFi.
Just started another station 30 minutes ago, and that is working fine.
Only NDR Kultur!!


Forgot to say: same behaviour on both streams (128kbps or 64 kbps).


Is it the same with the other Kultur channels?

What if you play via a browser or VLC?

I have to try that. Just noticed, that after 2 hours, also the “Oldies but goldies” station dropped out.
I’ll check the other Kultur stations and also VLC.

Am I really the only one experiencing such a behaviour?
It did work perfectly for 2 years though, just started a few weeks ago.


That, in a way, makes more sense. There is something awry with your setup rather than the station, which also explains why no-one else is experiencing the problem.

@support will learn more from your logs.

Only it seems that other stations take much longer to drop out, so I wrongly thought they do not.

I’lll keep an eye on the behaviour.


did support do something?

I am asking because on Saturday and Sunday it was extremely awful: almost each 5 minutes a dropout.

Today, on Monday, all worked fine, no dropout for 6 hours. I would just like to know whether something has been done, or did it just disappear???



Not as far as I know. Did you?

No, nothing!!!