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Hello, everyone. I want to save a picture from a radio station ( I have already tried the url of the homepage of 80s80s, but it gives the error message “could not paste the image from the clipboard”. can someone help me?

Hello @Ralf_Bottcher , select the image and save image to a new tab first. Then save the url. It should end with .jpg (it may have some stuff after a “?”)

Hello Brian.

Thank you for the fast answer.

What do I do if there is no url with a jpg?

I’ve gone to that site and succesfully saved an image (the “love” picture).
It looks like this

What do you see?

Hello Brian.

This works, how did you do it?

What are you using?

For android or PC: long press, or right click, select “open image in new tab” (or similar, I’m not at my PC at the moment). Open the newly created tab, and copy the url in the address bar.

(And you can ignore stuff after the “?”)

If you are still having difficulties, let me know which image you want.

Hello Brian,

I‘m using a Mac and an IPad.

I want these pictures:

Hello Brian,

I did it: On the Mac you can simply save the image by dragging and dropping it.

Thank you for your help!


Those images look fine. I’ve just added one without problems.

But, to be clear, their URLs are


Ahh, I see you’ve got there. Excellent.

Dear Brian,

thank you again for your effort. The hint with the pc brought the solution. I will always try it on the mac in the future. The opportunities are greater there.

Greetings from Germany…

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