Radio Station needs to have page information changed

One of the stations I listen to often has changed it’s location and webpage and that information is not showing when I pull the station up in ROON.
BAGeL Radio is no longer affiliated with SOMA FM and they are not in San Francisco any more.

What needs to be done to get this fixed?

Take a look at it now and let me know if I missed anything.

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Does roon drop bagel radio for you? Once it staggers it’s gone and I need to manually reconnect. It happens so often I just use bluos. This happens to me for a few stations and I’m kind of wondering if it’s just me or if its roon.

Ted rules :slight_smile:

I did not notice it having issues while I was updating it. Listened to it for about fifteen minutes and am listening to it now with no issues so far. How often does it happen for you?

Thanks for the update. The information is correct.

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