Radio station problem [Resolved build274]

The url to the Radio station is]

The error I’m getting when trying to add it is as follows:

Warn: [internetradio] Exception while testing channel [hls://]: System.Exception: [HLS] missing Content-Type
  at Sooloos.Audio.HLSAudioSignal+HLSStream._OpenMedia (System.Boolean update_playlist) [0x00210] in /home/roon/roon/Audio.Signal/audiosignal_hls.cs:185
  at Sooloos.Audio.HLSAudioSignal+HLSStream..ctor (System.Uri uri) [0x00238] in /home/roon/roon/Audio.Signal/audiosignal_hls.cs:111
  at (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check) Sooloos.Audio.HLSAudioSignal+HLSStream:.ctor (System.Uri)
  at Sooloos.Audio.HLSAudioSignal..ctor (System.String url) [0x0000d] in /home/roon/roon/Audio.Signal/audiosignal_hls.cs:u5272:

I’m able to play this in VLC and Mediaplayer. I’m not sure whether this is something small that can perhaps be looked at. This type of streams cater for quite a bit of Radio Stations in South Africa as they are done all through the same provider in the same method. Antfarm

Hi @Ara ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us, both are appreciated!

Moving forward, to help us evaluate this behavior you are reporting may I very kindly ask you to please use this link as a guide and provide us with the details of your setup.

Furthermore, I gave the provided link a go and I am unable to load it in Roon. The second link you provided in your report “Antfarm”, should that have directed me to their website? The reason I ask is because when clicked, the same M3U8 file that was provided in the first link was downloaded again.


Hi Eric,

The link should be

About the Setup:
Ubuntu 17.04 64-bit LXC Container
2-CPU Server (12 Cores) with 96GB Ram
ZFS Raid-Z2 server accessed via CIFS



To add you can for example see that this work in the HLS test site or

If you copy the URL in the first page into the above it plays fine and on a couple of other players as wll.


@Eric Any news on what could possibly be the problem.

Hi @Ara ----- Thank you for your patience and my sincere apologies for the slow response.

Myself along with another support team member have been trying to understand what is causing this behavior to occur as we are unable to get the mentioned radio station(s) to work with Roon in house :head_bandage: in light of this, I have scheduled a meeting with one of our senior developers later this week to get some feedback on this issue.

In the mean time, would you kindly provide the steps you take (from a procedural standpoint), when you try to add the provided URL in Roon. How you obtain the URL from Antfarm? How you are adding it into Roon? Etc.



  1. I’m adding it to a Roon Core on Ubuntu via the Windows Application and get the following error:

  2. To get the url I right click on the player in FireFox and inspect the element and find the stream:


Thanks @Ara, very appreciated!

After some further testing in our QA lab, we have opened up a ticket with our developers who will be handling the investigation into this behavior moving forward. I have updated the report with all of your feedback and once I have a better sense of their progress I will be sure to update this thread accordingly.

Your patience is appreciated while the dev team conducts their analysis.

Hi @Ara ----- Thank you again for your patience while we have been looking into the reported behavior.

Moving forward, to bring you up to speed, our developers have addressed the issue and a fix is set in place pending our next build release. When the next build goes live, please take the update, and let us know how things hold up.


@Eric I can confirm that is now working. I will be purchasing roon soon.

Thanks for all the help and support.

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