Radio Station RBB Kultur not any longer to hear

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

thank you for your help in 2020. It was very successful and I could hear these stations very good.

Roon is one oft he best software I had ever used.

Unfortunately the station RBB Kultur is aktually not working any longer. The message was, that the URL was changed.

I found out that the URL: is working on my computer very well.

Could you please so kind to integrate the new URL.

Thanks a lot

Best regards

Lutz Weisbecker

Von: Brian via Roon Labs Community <>
Gesendet: Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2020 14:04
Betreff: [Roon Labs Community] [Live Radio] Missing Station Berlin: RBB Kultur an Hamburg NDR Kultur Belcanto

\ 45x45 BrianW Brian Community: Moderator
18 October

Hello @Lutz_Weisbecker, I’m pleased you’re enjoying Roon.

RBB kultur and NDR kultur now there with metadata from the streams. Thus the NDR metadata seems strange. I’ll investigate further.

Please check if OK otherwise

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Hello @Lutz_Weisbecker , that link works, but Roon doesn’t see the metadata. I’ve added an alternative, please try now.

Hello Brian,

many many, thanks! It is now working perfect!!!

Beste regards