Radio station URL redirects to dynamic URL

My favourite radio station now only publishes an URL that dynamically redirects to the really streaming URL, and Roon is not realizing that this is a redirect. So I cannot save the station but get the error message

“Roon could not find a radio station at this URL”

This is the URL I tried to save:

and this is one possible redirect I can get if I enter the URL into Chrome:

Entering the redirect URL into Roon only works temporarily, after some time, Roon won’t have access to the stream any more.

Entering the base redirect URL:
in Chrome renders an error 401 unauthorized.

01/29 15:20:18 Debug: [radio] AddChannelByUrl(
01/29 15:20:18 Debug: [radio] Treating this as a stream URL
01/29 15:20:18 Trace: [internetradio] Channel Player: Fetching URL []
01/29 15:20:19 Warn: [internetradio] Exception while testing channel [icy://]: Sooloos.Audio.RemoteLoadTimeoutException: IcyAudioSignal: HTTP Request to URL[icy://] failed
   at Sooloos.Audio.IcyAudioSignal._Init()
   at Sooloos.Audio.IcyAudioSignal..ctor(String url, Boolean openimm)
   at Sooloos.Audio.IcyAudioSignal..ctor(String url)
   at Sooloos.Audio.InternetChannelTester.<>c__DisplayClass1_1.<_Loop>b__1(CallingThread cx)
01/29 15:20:19 Trace: [internetradio] Out of URLs. Giving up
01/29 15:20:19 Debug: [radio] Test result failed
01/29 15:20:19 Info: [stats] 35887mb Virtual, 1775mb Physical, 558mb Managed, 472 Handles, 117 Threads

Hello @PeterRadig , Roon has no problems with redirects, but does sometimes stumble over https ones. If you replace your url with

…it should work.

Now, having said that, station SWR3 exists in our database (with that url amongst others), so you can just use that.

@BrianW, many thanks for your light speed answer. This solved my problem. Should have thought this myself, embarrassing.


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