Radio station wrong id, add the one that is identified

In Roon Live Radio, Radio Canada Première Montréal 95,1 is playing Radio Canada Première Quebec (the city) which is 106,3

Can I listen to 95,1 from Montreal a lot of programs are the same but morning program is local, I have to listen to it via other than Roon which is cheaper sound?

Since I have it, I always prefer Roon for the sound which is the best for me. I tried to reach Radio Canada but they refered me to my supplier which in that case is Roon. Can I do something for it, is there a contact at Radio Canada or how can I solve this problem.

Thank you very much for your support.

Hello @Luc_Demers , welcome to live radio.

Sorry we got it wrong, I’ve altered the URLs. Try now.

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