Radio stations disappeared

I have not used roon for over a month and today when I ran it again all of the radio stations I had added were gone. I took alot of time to find the URL’s and add them. This really pisses me off. Is there any way to get them back?

Hey @dennis – can you give us any more information about what’s happened in the last month, or the details of your setup? Has anything else changed?

The URLs are stored in your Roon database, so if you have a backup that predates this issue, they should be part of it. I don’t recall this being reported before, so my guess is you’ve somehow changed your OS login, or your database folder, or something like that.

Let us know the details of your setup and we can definitely take a deeper look at this.

I can add they often disappear for me. This is a recent problem and I have no idea why it started. They come back when I use the Sorted by menu. So for me it is a display issue not the database.

Roon Core Version 1.2 build 161. OS X Mac Mini, macOS 1.12.1. Roon Control 1.2 build 161 installed on my MacBook Pro. Core outputs are optical and Devialet Air but which output I am using does not seem to matter.