Radio stations don't start

I often use “Radio 357” and “Radio Nowy Swiat” - from Poland
After new 1.8 a have problems to start to play these stations - I have to play other stations or Tidal then after a few trials they start to play
It strange because other stations I listen to start playing immeidately - without any delay

Hello @Milosz_Frydrych, sorry to hear of your problems. I’ve tried these and both played first time for me.

For both stations, the main audio server actually uses redirections to a number of other servers in order to share loadings. I suppose it is possible that one of these was slow to respond.

Do you have problems every time? Once they have started playing, can you try another station, then return, and play OK or do you have problems again?

Yes, I have problem everytime since the new version.
I have to try 3, 4 or even 5 times to get these stations started.
It is really annoying and frustraiting … since these are my favourites…

I can’t reproduce your problem.

Perhaps there’s something wrong with your setup. Assuming you have rebooted everything, let’s test the codecs. Can you try

95bfm (flac)
CJSW (aac)
WRFG (mp3)

What are you running the core on?

Thanks, I will make a reboot first
And try to play given stations
The core is roon rock on Intel Nuc
I will have results in a few hours

Your three stations play without any hesitation.
“My” stations behave better - only sometimes I have to tray it twice.
I think I can live with it
Thanks for your help

Your codecs are fine then.
I VPN’d to Lithuania, Germany and Ukraine (can’t do Poland) and did manage to get one hiccup (in Ukraine) where a station didn’t start first time.

I fear it’s a local problem and not Roon related.

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