Radio stations not showing in My Library?

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini

Networking Gear & Setup Details

1Gb/s Fiber

Connected Audio Devices

Topping DX3Pro+

Number of Tracks in Library

0 (zero, streaming only)

Description of Issue

When I tap the plus sign on a Radio station, the station does not show in My Library under My Live Radio. If I tap the plus sign on an album, the album shows up under albums.

Example: I have the option to remove the station from my library, therefor I assume it is added to my library, correct?

BUT: It is not showing.

I’ve added two albums (steaming from Qobuz) to my library which shows up as expected.

Am I looking the wrong place for my library radio stations?



That’s strange, Looks like you are looking in the right place.
Is this screen shot from your phone or tablet? If so, have you checked your Mac Mini?

I just added this station and it showed up immediately in my “My Live Radio” section.
This was on a PC. It also showed up on my android phone after adding it on my PC.
Have you tried any other stations?
Hopefully support will chime in and see what’s going on.

It showed up eventually. But it took some time. Albums show up immediately. Strange. I’m only using Roon remote on my iOS devices. I do not see the point of Roon, if you use a laptop as a remote. My Mac mini is a Roon server only, so it’s not accessible unless I remote login in from another computer.



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Good that it showed up eventually.

I use my laptop as remote when I am sitting on the couch working or out on the patio relaxing. Also, comes in handy when I have people over, I can put the laptop out so they can pick music and not have to go to the main computer room do do it. Oh, and my main computer is also just a remote as my server is on a NUC/Rock by the home entertainment center. So, all my devices are remotes, LOL.

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