Radio stations that I cannot listen to

Hi everyone, unfortunately Radio Capital and Radio Deejay can’t listen to them because they give me an error address.
I would like someone to help me solve the problem.
Thanks for your cooperation, Elio Arletti.

Hello @Elio_Arletti1, I’m sorry but Roon can’t currently play these chunked .ts HLS streams.

I’ve searched but cannot find alternatives.

Roon are aware of this shortcoming.

Hi Brian,

old topic, I think interesting from other “rooners” …

could you add Radio Deejay Italy?

Many thanks,


I’ve had another go at finding alternative streams - still nothing I’m afraid.

The Polish station El Stacja can’t be streamed even ogg Format should be supported.
I tried to add the URL manually
or from tune-in,aac
do not work.
Any ideas?

Hello @Wolfgang_Schuh, I’m sorry, we can’t add the station.
The Ogg container format is ok, but the Vorbis encoding isn’t.

I’ve searched for alternative streams but couldn’t find any. (Tunein also uses the Ogg/Vorbis stream).

Roon are aware.

Thank you for the quick reply.
The best wishes for 2021.

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Hello again @Wolfgang_Schuh, I think I’ve found an mp3 stream for you. Can you check El Stacja?

Thank you Brian. The radio station really started a mp3 stream:


Now it works fine. - Thanks a lot.

Yes, there should be three of them for you to choose.

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