Radio still uses personal library

I hoped at 1.3, Roon might use the example of Sonos and others and access some of the services a customer subscribes to in order to populate the radio, but sadly it is still just using my own personal library. You might at least use Tidal, right? Or Spotify?

The race is on to integrate players, libraries, databases, GUIs, and heaven only knows what else and I really do expect Roon to be the winner, but when I talk to others who use it, one of the features they love the most is when the radio picks up from the final song and just keeps going. The feature is rendered useless if it can’t grab you by the lapels and go, “WOW!!! Listen to this piece of music you’ve never hear before!”

Yes, we were clear on this site that this wasn’t being worked on for 1.3. We still plan to work on it in the future.

Perhaps the term radio is a bit misleading…it should be more like focused random play, radio by definition and general public understanding is based on a programmed feed from a broadcast facility, now also catered for with IP based delivery medium but with programming curated by humans - not a random selection of ones own collection of music…just my humble opinion.

I’d be happier if we fixed the feature to do what people expect instead of demoting the name as a solution to avoid making it better :slight_smile:


And I’d be happier if you expanded my enjoyment of music by introducing me to new songs rather than demoting my own collection through over-saturation as a solution to an issue that you know exists.