Radio...where does it start it selection base?

When one turns on radio at what point does it take its que from?

At the track that’s playing when you turn it on? I’m guessing not…

At the end of whatever is playing? If it’s a playlist or album that could be different a different genre depending on what’s in the playlist or a various artists album as the last track.

Who knows! It really can’t be trusted. This morning I was playing a freshly ripped copy of the new Muse CD, Simulation Theory. After this stopped, Roon Radio, out of several hundred thousand tracks to select from, picked a track by the Bay City Rollers from a 70s compilation CD…:grinning:

I bet that set you dancing frenetically! :grinning:

Brave man to admit you have the Bay City Rollers in your collection. :laughing: Mind you, I’ve got Night Flight to Venus!

I have lots of 70s compilations, it is when I started getting interested in music. As per @wizardofoz, I would love to know how Roon made the connection between the CD I had just played, and that particular track.