Radio within an iTunes playlist

How can I make sure that Roon plays radio just within a specific playlist that was defined in iTunes?
I tried this today, opened a playlist that I had defined in iTunes for a party, told Roon to play Radio (random), but Roon played songs from across the spectrum without reference to the playlist. How can I make radio work within a playlist?

I don’t think this is radio function, more a shuffle play. Try this:

  • Go to the required play list
  • Click “Play Playlist”
  • Click “Play Now”
  • Go to the now playing queue screen
  • Click on the shuffle play icon.

Roon will now play all the tracks from the play list in a random order.

OK, thanks, I was not aware of the difference between ‘radio play’ and ‘shuffle’.

What, then, is radio? When I play radio, Roon is mixing so much incompatible music that I can rarely use it. From where does Roon take its recommendations?


The concept of the Radio function is that one seeds it with a music selection, which could be an album or a selection of albums) and then radio uses that seed to find similar music from the wider library.

However, as many have commented on it does still require more refinement … I know the Roon Developers are aware and I’m sure they will revisit at some point in time.

Thank you, very helpful!

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