Radioactive Sifnos - Stream not working

Hi good folks at Roon,

The stream of the amazing Radioactive Sifnos (a tiny Greek island) is not working. I can add the station and the file format looks identical to other working TuneIn Stations, but this one will not play.

I am pretty sure I am missing something, but what? Thanks for your help!

Hello @JB21 , you’ve come across a long standing bug in Roon - if a stream (perhaps via redirection as here) is an https with a specified port number, Roon won’t accept it.

Not to worry - I’ve found an acceptable stream and added Radioactive (Sifnos) for you. Use the magnifying glass to find it is the easiest way.

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This is brilliant, it works! Thanks so much for such an incredibly quick and competent solution.
And I highly recommend giving the tiny radio station a listen, it’s absolutely amazing.

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