Radioblues Flac hit or miss

Lately the station would play for a while and then just stop. Sometimes it plays but it is playing silence. Anyone else have these issues?

I’ve been playing this via VLC in order to remove Roon from the chain - I have heard some stutters too.

I cannot see anything wrong with the stream though. I’ll keep monitoring.

Edit. Hmm problems in Roon. Working on it…

Edit2. No, Roon problem was inconsequential. Still monitoring

Apart from one stutter very early on, I haven’t had any other problems, whether VLC or Roon.

The station does use redirection to pass off onto at least 3 other servers to spread the load. Perhaps one of these was having problems. If you restarted the stream did the problem go away?

Well I didn’t try restarting by backing out then re clicking on the icon. I just hit play again. I will try that tonight.

It appears to be the station.

I have just visited the website and it is playing silence.

Darn - love their playlist. Hope they come back

I just emailed them - hope to hear a reply

Playing today!

Lol today stops after a few songs and occasionally skip

No help to you, but their audio server reports health “OK”

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