Raffle to help someone in need

This is a raffle from headphones.com to help Dexcom7 a forum member on headphones.com. This is also our own Roon forum member @tech_whisky_lab

This pool fundraiser is going to conclude on headphones.com 12/11/2020.

When donating, please do not mention the word raffle. It seems this can get flagged by PayPal and can cause the pool to be refunded completely.

As some of you know, @DEXCOM7’s family has been going some difficult medical struggles and have launched a GoFundMe which you can find here https://gf.me/u/zbhj4f

Our community members are very important to us and are like a family. I know a lot of you have found this community, bonded through it, and formed friendships that can last a lifetime.

That is why we’ve decided to organize a raffle to help with the GoFundMe. We will be giving away a Focal Clear as part of the raffle. The giveaway is worldwide so everyone can participate. Entry details below!

  1. Raffle tickets are $10 each for entry. No limit on tickets and each ticket will count as 1 entry.
  2. Raffle will end on December 11th. At that time everything raised will go into the GoFundMe and the random raffle winner will be announced.
  3. We will post daily updates at the end of they day on how much has been raised.
  4. We’ve created a PayPal money pool to enter, you cand find that here https://paypal.me/pools/c/8uDunpAxzi

Please feel free to share this across your social media, discord groups etc… as the raffle isn’t limited to forum members and any little bit is going to a great cause.

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