RAM and Multiple drives for ROCK

would 8gig ram be enough in the i7 nuc when you have a lagre libary of 200,000 -300,000 tracks?
another question if i connect say 4 x 2.5 external harddrives connected in a powered by a usb hub would you have to have each drive as a folder not sure how multiple drives work with rock,im use to storage pooling all drives together?
thank you

get one 8gb stick, it should be fine… if it doesnt work, get a second stick

yup, rock can just watch 2 drives/folders

thank you for your reply,am i right in your answer i cant have more than 2 external harddrives conected and cant have more than 2 watched folders with rock?

You can have as many watched folders as you want in Roon. The only real limit is the number of folders you’re willing to scroll past on the settings -> storage screen. (We have a report of a user with ~90 watched folders)

ROCK just runs Roon, it’s no different from any other place you can run Roon in this way.

You can attach more than 2 external hard drives, I think the only real limit there is how many USB hubs you’re willing to hang off the thing.

thank you for your reply,i was looking at 6 external harddrives in a powered hub,i would have 6 watched folders,would roon just add all the harddrive folders together in my roon database as one libary?


why are you using so many drives?

Roon is Roon be it on a Windows, OSX, Linux or ROCK. The music contained in these 6 watched folder will all be seamlessly available to you from the Roon library.

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at the moment ive took my music files off an old server and backed up on 3 x 5tb external drives which im using as my backup,i was thinking of buying 4tb wd passport drives 1 at a time as funds allow.i want to get away from nas and i want to cut down the powered drives with plugs.
ive looked at this https://www.amazon.co.uk/TerraMaster-D5-300-External-Enclosure-Diskless/dp/B01KO03BBA/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1495815581&sr=8-2&keywords=terramaster idont know if i could set it up on a pc in a raid or pool the discs togetther using a seperate pc then connect it to the nuc would that work i could use my old drives out of my server till funds come available for larger drives to put in the terramaster,im just not sure which way to go with my storage ive changed my mind so many times.
all input welcome.

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Come on Gary! Report out your installation outcome. I know you are working on it. Make J :joy: Again…

Hi Jnan, the installation process is easy, and very straight forward. Just need one USB thumb drive, and follow the instructions. Enjoying ROCK now!

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hi Danny do you think the terramaster would work with the nuc rock or the best economical way to go for storage with the nuc as mentioned in my earlier post.

Any nas or is storage will work. I prefer USB or internal storage because I dont like additional noisy machines on the network. Although I dont know the terramaster, it should be fine since it’s just a NAS

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thank you for your reply,im trying to get away from nas too thats why i was looking at the terramaster which is a das but the fan might be an issue maybe i should just get the largest usb drives i can afford and a hub.

How abut SSHDs. Has Static and HDD. My understanding is if there is a list of songs in Q or a particular track is being played, then the bits are quickly copied to SSD, so spinning is not needed for live streaming. Am I close?

And I WILL follow kb on storage!

If not NAS, what would you recommend? A SSD in NUC? If yes, isn’t that most audiophiles claimed that SSD is bad for music?

The below is for music only. ROCK’s boot drive should always be an SSD.

If you are using a NUC in a case with a fan, then the noise of a spinning drive shouldn’t make a difference over your NUC’s fan. In this case, use the largest 2.5" spinning disk you can inside the NUC. Right now, that’s only 2TB (the 3TB and 4TB are 15mm tall, and won’t fit in the NUC). You can also do the same in a USB enclosure and fit as much storage as you need (there are 10TB 3.5" drives now, and USB means no real limit to how many you can use).

The alternative to a spinning disk is SSD, which by most “audiophiles” is considered better than a spinning disk, mostly because they make no acoustic noise. However, the price is much much higher and the performance gain is irrelevant for music.

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