Random album play pausing every song

Roon Core Machine

Macbook Pro Early 2011, 2.2 ghz Intel Core i7, Mac OS High Sierra (10.13.6)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Hitron CODA-4680, on Ethernet with Core Machine. On wifi with remote apps.

Connected Audio Devices

Cambridge CXN (v1) connected with Ethernet.

Number of Tracks in Library

25 242 tracks.

Description of Issue

Everytime I launch the Roon remote app (Catalina Mac OS, 1.8 legacy), the first play command does not start playback on my Cambridge CXN (v1) streamer. I hit play again, and playback starts.

This bug is worsened when in Random Album playmode. Playback will stop at the end of a song, intermittently. If I use my iPad with the 1.8 Legacy app, random playback stops at the end of each song. In factm, the probklem has worsened since I have used my ipad recently to control the Core.

I have no problem of this sort with my streamer and other music apps.

I have restarted the router, the Core machine, and it does not solve the problem.

Thank you for helping me solve this problem.

Hi @Martin_Blanchard1,
I appreciate your patience while we worked through the queue. Can you provide the local time and the name of the track you were listening to when this error occurred? It will help us track down the issue.

Hi, thanks Daniel.

I just reproduced the problem now, November 1st 2023 07:59, with track “An Evening of Last Goodbye” by Rachel’s not playing, after starting random track play with “Roseblood” by Mazzy Star.

Hi @Martin_Blanchard1,
Thanks for the update. I’m going to raise this issue with the rest of the team and get back to you.

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