Random albums in already added folders recently to library that were previously added years ago

Roon Core Machine

Roon Rock
Intel NUC i7, 8GB RAM (not sure CPU, but it was one of the reccomended for Roon Rock when I bought it)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

CenturyLink Axon C4000
Netgear 8 port 10/100/1000 switch
Roon Rock is connected via ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

RopieeeXL on a Raspberry Pi 3b connected via ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

25,000 albums
389,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Every couple days I have random albums added to my ‘Recent Activity: Added’ on the home screen. These albums are local files in folders that have already been added years ago – it’s as if Roon does a re-scan and all of a sudden sees some albums that it didn’t see before in these watched folders, so it adds a handfull of them. Weirdly for me, it’s usually been Christmas albums (although not exclusively so).

I use the ‘Recently Added’ to go back and listen to new music that I’ve added so having this list be randomly populated by random albums that Roon is recognizing right now when they were added years ago is kind of making using Roon less ideal. I can’t see a way to edit the ‘Added Date’ of these albums so they can sort the proper way, either.

There was a power outage yesterday, and it looks like since then about 40 random albums have been added between yesterday and today from my collection that should have an ‘added’ date of a couple years ago.

Hi @Barry ,

Apologies for the slow response here. Can you please confirm where the music files themselves are stored? Is it on a NAS, external USB, or internal storage on your ROCK? Do you notice the issue only occur when there is a Roon update and Roon rescans the library or do you notice it happen randomly as well?

Hi @noris Thanks for getting back to me. My files are located on 2 2.5" external USB drives attached to the NUC running ROCK. These drives are also backed up via another computer that runs rsync periodically to copy the contents of the drive. That shouldn’t matter, I supplse.

It hasn’t happened in a while (so hopefully it’s ok and won’t come back). I’m not sure if it happens exactly when there’s an update or not. Next time it happens I’ll report back and see if it happens with any Roon update or any other time that I can identify.



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Is something else altering these albums externally ? Third party software etc

Roon will react if a file within an album has changed and re-import it