Random and interrupted

Core Machine
iMac, MacOS Catalina version 10.15.7

Network Details
dCS Network Bridge, dCS Vivaldi DAC 2.0, iMac and Network Bridge fed from the same switch
Library Size
300 albums, non stored locally

Description of Issue
I have a fault in my playback. I select a record, I press “Play now”. The message “Playing “n” tracks undo” appears over the play/pause sign. It then starts playing a random track. It then interrupts after a short while and moves to another track. I have made no changes to the setup. I have tried to restart all apps, but the problem remains. I have the same problem on my iMac, on iPad and iPhone.

Hello @Eldar_Hauge,

I am very sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve ran into. Thanks for letting us know about it as it gives us an opportunity to help.

Could you please confirm that this behavior happens to all endpoints, or just a particular one?
Does this happen when playing files from your local library, or from a streaming service?

You mentioned restarting your Core and clients, but, would you mind removing the Roon software on your iMac, downloading a new installer from our website and reinstalling it?

You shouldn’t lose any data, as that is stored in the Roon database.

Thanks in advance :pray:

I had the same problem on the three platforms I use, iPhone, iPad and iMac, where the Roon Core is installed. Before I went for a reinstallation, I restarted every part in the chain, from the router and through to all control units and the network bridge. When everything was up and running again, the problem was gone. I have therefore not gone through the reinstallation process.

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Thanks for the update, @Eldar_Hauge! I’m so glad that the process you’ve followed was the fix :partying_face:

We appreciate you sharing :nerd_face: