Random format recognising problems when using roon

First off all I need to say this is last chance to solve the problem. I already approached the hardware producers to understand but none was able to help.
Dac: Auralic Vega G1
Core & Streamer Innuos Zen mk3
Connection via USB Aqvox Blaze
Stream: Roon live time subsc. qobuz source

Now the problem:
I’m relaxing and listening music and somethimes when the titel changes just scratching noise is reproduced. When listening and relaxing it blows me away from my chair.
This happens randomly… a song that may be recognised before at a later point may not be recognised anymore. So there is no rule in it.

This does not happen when streaming via other software and it happens only when using roon.
Since I love my roon and I do have live time subsc. I would like to solve because listeners with this problem is like playing Russian roulette.

How do I actually need to solve: I have to restart my Dac or I have to change the imput from USB to somethinge else, then switching back and everything works again.

Thats all info I have. My feeling is that the innuos combined with roon forwarding the signal cause the problem. But its roon because as I said above everything other software works.

If someone has an idea would be great- as I said above this place here is my last hope.

thanks and ciao from Italy:)

To be clear, is the signal path: Zen > Aqvox > Vega? If so, have you tried connecting the DAC directly to the Zen?

it is zen to vega the aqvox is the usb cable. What I could do is using the vega as streamer and dac and it works perfectly- just I prefer the zen to be the streamer… sounds a bit reacher

Most likely related to sample rate changes from song to song, so best bet is to use Roon DSP to upsample all sample rates to the same rate.
Try it out and report back…

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what would you suggest to be best upsampling target? what do i need to set it?

Set it to “Max PCM rate”.

That’ll resample every format to the same highest supported PCM rate for the chosen endpoint.

Of course, you could also set it to “Custom”, then select the same specific output rate of your own preference for all incoming formats.

In any case, test the concept and report back - I’m confident, your problem will be gone.

The one question remaining is, if you’ll be content with that sort of workaround…

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You are right thats the point, will I be happy with changing the signal… however I will be glad to try and inform you about the results… thanks a lot for your support👍

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I tried it out and I can report the following:

  • problem still there
  • upsampling on some songs sounded pixeled (guess its called glitter appearance)
  • positive: I didn’t need to restart dac when the problem appeared. It was just enough to switch one or two songs forward then and the dac worked fine again. Also when I switched back to the song that before didn’t work after make above described steps it worked - before upsampling I had to restart the dac.
  • generally I noticed a decrease in richness of music reproduction. Less details less base …etc
  • a yes, and I tried to understand if higher resoluted files are more affected by the problem but its a clear no. It happens really randomly.

Sorry it didn’t work but I hope that the report helps in your trouble shooting.

Thanks and Ciao

Note, that I’m just a fellow user trying to help out - I certainly cannot do any deeper troubleshooting for you.
Maybe, it’s time for the pros of the Roon @support team to finally step in here.

One last idea to maybe fix your strangely described…

…digital clipping problem, which may be the result from inter sample overs due to the upsampling process, will be to enable “Headroom management” and enter -3dB for starters as well as enabling “Show clipping indicator” to also see your signal path star turn red when there’s clipping in order to further decrease level to counteract audible glitches.

Your following observation…

… isn’t really technically explicable and might rather be induced by psychological factors like being tense due to the seemingly unsolvable problems you’re facing…

In any case, I’m out of any more ideas and wish you good luck in getting it fixed!

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Why using USB to connect a streaming/networked DAC?

To avoid Roon’s RAAT protocol? Maybe you can try the network connection anyway and see if it plays without issue and with acceptable SQ for you?

To utilize the unsupported (by Roon Labs) and marked experimental by Innuos Squeezelite Player integration? Then you may just have to drop that if it doesn’t work for you. See also:


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Hi @Andreas_Huber,

Thank you for posting, and we’re terribly sorry to hear about these ongoing issues with upsampling and playback performance with your DACs.

The issue here is likely a PCM sample rate disagreement between RoonServer and the Vega G1 USB audio input.

Unfortunately, @BlackJack is entirely correct that replacing the USB input with a network input on your Vega is the only way to reliably prevent these issues. We’ve encountered this issue before with the Auralic Vega series on this forum and the conclusion is that the network input on the Vega series works best with Roon. The issue is outside the scope of Roon’s DSP, unfortunately. Please see the below post, from a user who contacted Auralic directly:

We’ll be watching for your response. Thank you!

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