Random Pauses in Queued Selections

Roon Core Machine

NUC10i3FNK1 with a Samsung 980 PRO 250GB SSD and 16GB of Corsair Memory.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Network is a mesh system using three eero Pro’s. Roon endpoints are three ethernet connected Raspberry Pi’s, consisting of one Allo USBridge Signature, one RPi with a HiFiBerry HAT, and one RPi feeding USB to a Meridian DAC. All RPi’s have recently been upgraded to the latest stable RoPieee firmware. My wired network uses six Actiontech MoCA network adapters to provide ethernet to remote locations over unused RG6 coax.

Connected Audio Devices

Allo USBridge Sig >USB>Mytek Brooklyn DAC
RPi3 > USB > Meridian Director DAC
RPi3 > HiFiBerry HAT > Analog out

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

The past few days I’ve been encountering music pausing mid song or after a track ends. Example: selected Genres > Pop Rock > Soft Rock, hit play, music begins then one of three outcomes:

  1. Audio plays then stops/pauses mid song during the first track
  2. Audio plays normally through two or three songs then quits/pauses at the beginning of the next song
  3. Audio pauses at the end of every track.
    Playback usually resumes when play is pressed though not always. Sometimes, when hitting play, it appears the song will begin but after a few seconds the play pause icon reverts to the play arrow, and there is a brief flash on the screen of my iPhone remote. Like a misfire. A minute or two later normal playback function returns. The pauses appear to happen completely at random. Sometimes it works fine for hours and sometimes it just quits for no apparent reason. Am I losing connection to the core?
    I recently migrated my core from a PC to a NUC10i3FNK1 with a Samsung 980 PRO 250GB SSD and 16GB of Corsair Memory. The switch from PC to NUC was ably and graciously assisted by frequent Roon poster, David Snyder. I do think the audio quality of the NUC with ROCK is an improvement over directly feeding the Allo USBridge USB from a core PC.
    So, in several years of Roon usage I’ve never encountered this problem. I know Tidal was down yesterday and thought that may have been the cause, but my issue continues today. Is my problem on my end, network or NUC, or somewhere else?


Fingers crossed, I think my problem may have been a Resync Delay issue. I adjusted to 3000ms on all three RPi’s and so far no unexpected pauses on playback. I’ll test more tomorrow…

Adding Resync Delay appears to have solved my random pause issue. 3000 ms delay may be more than is needed so I have just adjusted down to 1500 ms and will lower more if testing allows.

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