Random play multiple artists

Hi Looking to see if I am missing something. Is there a way to select multiple artists and have roon play randomly? Currently I can select say eagles and it will randomly play eagles but can I add more artists? I have not been able to figure that one out

The only very kludgy way i know to do it is to go to artist view and select multiple artists from there. In windows right click on first artist then the others (long first press on a tablet, don’t know for mac) - then go to the drop down next to play now and select shuffle.
you can scroll across screens of artists and do multiple selections but it’s a pain if you want Abba and Zappa :slight_smile:

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Thank you HMAN1. That works for your library…Good Idea! Now if I could only search say tidal and select multiple

Ged…how’d ya guess…exactly what I wanted to do, plus Mariah Carey…it’s taking forever to manage that simple task. :crazy_face:

All jokes aside, I had no idea you could, even in a very clunky way, shuffle through selected artists.

Thanks. :sunglasses:

You can’t in tidal natively so you certainly can’t in roon.

If I’m absolutely honest I had no idea either before the question was asked and I “thunk” it through. I wasted a few minutes seeing if the funnel filter took delimiters, it might do but I couldn’t find it.


Depending on how many you want to select, and if this is a long-running interest, you could wander around among the artists and tag them, one by one or in groups, and then play or shuffle that tag.

This allows you to leverage Roon’s various ways of navigating: focus on Norwegian and Armenian artist and tag those, remove Garbarek from the tag, add Yelena Kuljić who doesn’t have a country listed and is Serbian but fits in with that style and tag her…

And you can add the recent Finnish albums tomorrow.

Second Anders tag suggestion. I’ve always felt Tags are too often overlooked.

So many ways of using roon beneath the deceptively clean play screen.

Thank you for the ideas… I appreciate you time.

Hi All, I just figured out that adding an artist via tag and then playing tag group it randomly plays. One issue is it only play music from your library? It does not go out to tidal and play from there as well. Is there another way to incorporate tidal to the mix?