Random play of albums and playlists

I would like to play my playlists randomly but can’t seem to do so when using my Remote iPhone 6. My core is an iMac.
How do I activate random play when using my iPhone remote ?

Hello @warren_kice,
Here how you can randomly play your albums: Open Albums browser > Press ‘Play All’ button > Press ‘Play Now’
As for playlists, random playback isn’t possible.

Hi Warren,

Regarding your playlists, you can start playing a playlist, then activate Shuffle to play your tracks randomly.

Start playing your playlist, then tap the bottom bar with the track name and with the Now Playing tab showing, click the shuffle icon. It’s the crossed arrows icon just below and right of the album artwork.

Cheers, Greg

I must be doing something wrong.

When I perform the steps above, Roon shuffles tracks, not entire albums.

Is there an additional step to shuffle whole albums?

I’m also looking for such a feature as I fell in love with the iOS App “Albums”.