Random pops during playback

Please help check the log: 91bd294c5966e3cb


Some idea of your setup would be helpful. And the bitrates you are playing

Ethernet->Pi->USB->Holo Spring 3 DAC

I play mainly at 44.1khz but occasionally upsample to 768khz, at both bitrates there are pops, maybe 768khz pops a tat more, not entirely sure.

Thanks man

what version RPi?

does it also pop on the holo if you direct connect it to the core machine?

all wiring is is LAN? no ethernet over power or mesh?

It’s a pi4b connected via LAN into the same switch as the core machines.
And no, there’s no pop when directly connected.

Send a feedback for Harry here, maybe some setting or needs a reflash perhaps.

Doing 768k on a Pi, especially on WiFi, could potentially be beyond the limit.

General rule of thumb: if you’re serious about upsampling then also be serious about the connection: go wired.

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