Random selection user selectable options

I will not repeat discussions here:

What I request is that when the double bent arrow is selected for random play a window pop up with a choice -

  1. Random play of a complete album from the queue
  2. Random selection of complete works in albums in the queue [the current situation]
  3. Random play only of tracks from albums in the queue

It would be nice if the random selection button was more simply assessable but it is probably better/less-complicated to build on the present structure and have the type of random selection the end point before final play. But I’m not a programmer so …

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Perhaps I should be clearer about this request as it mainly stems from my particular love of Baroque and Early music.

Yes some is fine to listen to a work at a time but quite a lot of it is exceedingly tedious on a complete album and an hour of e.g,. Gregorian Chant would drive me, and I suspect many others, completely up the wall. And I have discovered that Roon does not always recognise some albums as being a number of separate works in a folder so will continue to play the items as if they are part of the one work when they are not. Regardless, when I select random, I do not want to listen to 28 tracks of Bach’s Preludes and Fugues. If I want to listen to that work then Roon offers a number of good ways of finding it to play the work.

I understand why it was considered wise to opt for “work” random play rather than track, but in practice it does not work out as well as might be expected, for me anyway. Sooloos and the portable MP3 players have this interpretation of random play so could Roon please do the same.

There has never been a response to this request from me and others so is it something we can look forward to in the future or is it not considered reasonable?