Random shuffle of whole collection of tracks (as per iTunes)

Dear Mike or Roon colleagues,

Having checked through the previous queries about this point I couldn’t find an answer to this specific query re. random track selection.

How does Roon randomly shuffle all tracks as per iTunes as describe in this link:- http://www.mcelhearn.com/itunes-12-shuffle-all-your-music/

Is this possible as yet? If not might it be added to future version?? This allows interesting contrasts when listening to one’s eclectic collection, French Cafe music then J Hendrix followed by Alison Krauss etc.!

Thanks for your kind consideration of this query.

Kind regards, Andrew.

You can display all your albums in the album view. Then press play all. That’ll do it.

Cheers, Greg

Many thanks, Greg, for this advice for which I’m grateful.

Kind regards, Andrew.