Random stops in playback [Resolved with network hardware change]


Issue that’s been covered extensively so I’ll try to be as consise as possible.


  • Random stops in playback. These can happen after 1/2/3 minutes of playback. Happen equally a number of endpoints and equally affect local music (44.1 + Higher res) and Tidal streaming.
  • Message: File is loading slowly. May indicate a performance or hardware problem.
  • Endpoint still displayed on screen. Song restarts if you press play again - may stop again later.
  • Logs attached - issue happened while listening to Echoes by Pink Floyd.


  • Roon server running on MacMini (i7 + 8GB RAM).
  • Music on Synology NAS (1812+). Connected via 1GB Ethernet to Server computer.
  • Endpoints:
    –> Server PC --> HTPC Yamaha processor + surround system (Ethernet)
    –> Antipodes GT --> Main hifi system (Airport Express --> Ethernet (100Mbps)
    –> Study PC --> Headphone system (Netgear WiFi extender --> Ethernet)

Random stops in playback mostly affect MacMini (same machine as server is on). Have tested network throughput and this does not seem to be the problem. Also dropouts mostly on only endpoint which is connected solely by Ethernet).

Logs here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oavqu0cyy7180m0/stedes.zip?dl=0

If someone (who knows what they’re looking at) can view the logs and tell me what they say when the stop happens I’ll be happy to investigate and test more stuff out. Thank you.

Further stop just happened on different endpoint (18:37 - while playing pet shop boys track) - Logs here:

How is the MacMini connected into the network? Are you by chance using a smart switch? If so, you need to check your flow control settings.

There are 2 cisco switches in the network. MacMini connected to 2nd switch. 2nd switch connected to first which in turn is connected to router. Neither switch is smart.

We’ll even if you believe they are not smart, see if they have any flow control settings. I know in my case I discovered that my switches, all 8-port ones, have such a setting. Once I enabled flow control I no longer had Roon complaining.

Hi @stevebythebay Thanks for the info. Flow Control is enabled on both switches and MacMini ethernet connection.

If you had problems with Flow Control on, turn it off in all the Cisco switches.

@wklie Tried that this afternoon after I had another “episode” (see second log link). Happening with flow control off as well.

What other network devices are you using that may affect the overall network? And have you noticed any other erratic behavior in the network? Does it happen even if you shutdown or otherwise isolate/insulate the key network elements of non-music playback?

Hi @stedes ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your observations with us, the insight is appreciated!

Moving forward, confirming that both sets of your logs have been received and are in our queue to be evaluated by our tech team. Once I get some feedback from our techs I will be sure to share their thoughts/findings with you.

Furthermore, during your testing have you tried streaming some locally stored content from the MacMini to see how things hold up? I understand that you are making this observation with content from the NAS and TIDAL, but I am curious how media being pulled directly from the Mini responds.


Hi Eric

Thanks for the update. I will try your suggestion tomorrow and report back.

UPDATE: Could you please close this thread. Issue has been solved with network hardware change.