Random track plays after selected track completes playing

After playing a selected track Roon selects another track from a completely different album and plays it as if it is in a playlist–except there is nothing in the playlist queue since I haven’t set up any playlists. Radio is off. What’s going on?

Screen shot of your queue?

Found the problem. Queue is empty and Radio is off but the button to start Radio when the music was finished was checked yes, so Radio was starting on its own when the last track finished playing.

That means Radio was in fact On.

Obviously. It also means I didn’t start Radio when given the option to do so when selecting an album. Since I don’t generally use playlists I wasn’t aware of the auto start feature on the queue page.

Radio is on by default for each endpoint and can be toggled off on the Queue screen. There is a feature request to change the default to off.

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