Random "Transport: Failed to load media" error

I recently imported some music files to my NAS which is my primary drive recognized by Roon. File types are either AIFF or FLAC. Most of the new stuff plays, but with many newly imported albums above 16/44 (i.e. 24/96 and above) I’m getting the 'Transport: Failed" message. Some other high-res albums, however, play fine. All imported albums at 16/44 play fine.

I’m trying to figure out any consistency with the albums that generate the error so I can understand what’s causing it (and hopefully fix it), but can’t. Neither file type nor resolution seems to be the culprit. I did see the other couple threads with this topic but they don’t seem to solve my issue. FYI my friend’s files were all copied via the Synology UI from an iTunes library folder on his external hard drive which I connected to my NAS.

My setup: Synology NAS connected to headless Mac Mini (Yosemite) > USB > Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 DSDse.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Can you browse to one of the non-playable file and check if they play fine on your computer (for example with VLC)?

Good question. Yes, they play with the Synology player. I also restarted the NAS just to be sure.

Did you copy the files on an internal volume within your Synology or is it on an external storage that is connected to it?

Played files were copied to my connected NAS.

So to close the loop on this, happy to report I found the issue. The albums that would not play had the moniker “[HD 24: 44]” or similar (e.g. brackets, “HD” and the corresponding bit and sample rate separated by a colon) in the file title. Deleting this portion from the title was all it took.

Not sure if it was the brackets or the colon (assuming one or both) in the file name but this choked up Roon and gave me the error message. Seems like this is a bug?

Hi tholt,

Because Roon is a cross platform application it inherits file limitations from MacOS, Windows and Linux. Anything verboten in one of those is verboten in Roon. File names have to be conservative. Album Title file tags can contain deprecated characters, but not file names.

Thanks andybob. So do you think it was the colon that tripped Roon up? I have other file names with brackets in them that seem to play fine.

Yes, colons are not allowed.