Random "unmount"/"remount" external disk


A little problem here. I have ROCK on a NUC12 4.6Ghz, 16GB RAM with a local library of 88K+ tracks in an external 6TB disk (exFAT).

No problems in the last 2 years, but in the last week a strange thing happens. Sometime the external disk is randomly and quickly automatically “unmounted” and “re-mounted”: the library disappears for some seconds in roon (0 tracks, 0 albums, etc…) and then come back again.
A quick rescan of whole library start (like at the system boot). I have this behaviour at no specified time: sometime it happens 1 time-per-hour, sometime more frequently, sometime can’t happens for 2 or 3 hours.
Have you some suggestion to find out the possible problem? Defective disk/usb-cable? Do someone else has experimented this behaviour?
Many thanks,

I would definitely try a new cable first.

Power down the NUC. Move the drive to a Windows system and run a quick drive diagnostic on it.

Is the disk powered over USB or via an external PSU? Change the PSU if so to rule out a flaky PSU.

Hello! Thanks for the ideas! Right now no luck with another usb cable (same problem tested this night). I’ve tested 2 differents USB port without luck this night also. I did this morning a disk check (there was no erros) and now I’ve been listening for an hour without problems but is too early to say the problem has gone. PSU change will be the next step.

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