Rasberry pi4 with ropieee

Has anyone had any issues with rasberry pi with ropieee os installed not letting certain usb cables work I have a curious evolved usb cable and it does not work between rasberry and dac it does work if rasberry is taken out of chain any advice would be appreciated audioquest usb cables work with zero issues

I believe to have read on here a post by someone else having issues with this cable brand.

Try and do a search.

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Thank you sir

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Some of the more exotic USB cables stray sufficiently far outside the specifications for such cables that some devices won’t work. My first bit of advice is always to swap the cable out for a standard cable and see what happens. After that you have to decide if it is the Pi or the cable that you keep.

Henry I agree I need the rasberry for roon raat purposes so I will sell the curious and use my audioquest usb instead

Any reccomdations on a cable as good as the evolved that will work with the pi ?

Hi, I personally use Supra Cable USB from Jenving

Reasonably-priced Very Good performance, I prefer Supra USB over AQ Carbon USB (currently unused) on my system

I have a Supra and carbon I will try both and see

There’s no audible benefit to exotic USB cables. Sure, they look pretty, but they offer no benefit whatsoever over, for example, an Amazon basics USB cable.

The same goes for any cable used in the digital domain. If it gets the data bits from A to B that’s all that matters.


Got ya I guess I will just sell it at a big loss at least I learned