Rasp Pi 4 - DAC Hat vs USB DAC and other questions!

Hi, new user to Rasberry Pi and Roon. Just got up and running with a Raspberry Pi for running RoPieeeXL (amazed by how good and easy that was!). Currently using as a Roon Endpoint/Airplay/Spotify Connect. At the moment it is feeding my Chord Mojo via USB (which feeds Rega Elex-R into Kef Q550, if you were interested!).

This combo sounds good but it is a bit clunky as I use the Mojo for portable as well and not ideal with plugging it in and unplugging to charge often etc. So looking for a more permanent hifi rack setup.

Options seem to be maybe something like an Allo Boss dac or a HifiBerry DAC2HD vs USB dacs of which there are loads, thinking maybe something by Topping or Cambridge, or maybe even a Rega Dac-R for nice bit of synergy!

What configs have people had success with? I notice that in Roon it sees my Mojo with a little picture of it and everything, does that mean it is Roon Tested? What other dacs are like this (it is quite satisfying to see the dac recognised like that…)? The general opinion seems to be that using the USB on the Pi 4 is a reasonable thing to do, much advantage to adding something like the HifiBerry digiPro+ hat with an optical and coax?

Really appreciate some guidance and peoples experiences! Thanks.

Another question. If I attached a dac hat like the Allo Boss but occasionally wanted to use the chord mojo as well would I be able to choose between the chord mojo and boss dac within Roon?


When it comes to DACs, you don’t really need to worry about Roon Ready (different matter when it comes to streamers). I run 2 X Topping DACs (with RPIs/Ropieee) that aren’t recognized devices, but they work without perfectly well with Roon.

You’d be fine with a HAT DAC or a separate USB DAC, but I wouldn’t worry about adding a digi HAT into the mix.

Thanks for that. I have ordered a Hifiberry DAC2 HD and case, then I can use the chord mojo still if I want to. So awesome, glad I didn’t pull he trigger on a Bluesound Node 2i, this is much cheaper!


Hi. I bought the raspberry Pi 4 with the hifiberry digital + pro some months ago with good results. I was using a chromecast audio in a second listening room and decided to upgrade to the hifiberry combination. The hifiberry was out of stock so I got the Raspberry pi first and got it up and running on USB without the ‘hat’. For testing, I was able to run the same piece of music at just about the same place with 3 Roon zones using optical, coaxial and USB into my DAC and switch between them. First impressions was that the difference was small, but I became increasingly aware of the benefits of the hifiberry and am sure that this is one of those upgrades that is very cost-effective.

Hi Matthew,
I’m curious which one sounds better.

As in between the chord mojo and hifiberry? I will be sure to report back.

One thing I am trying to figure out at the moment though is actually whether or not to continue with Roon, I find ti quite expensive seeing as I just use it to play Qobuz… don’t have a large library of my own. Maybe just 50 CDs or so.

Anyone have experience of another way to stream via my Pi using Qobuz. I wonder if I will be just stuck with airplay.

LMS (8 Beta).

He presents Picore Player, but you can install LMS on any Linux or Windoze system or as a volumio plugin.
You can also stream Qobuz via Upnp, using e.g. BubbleUpnp on Android and RopieeeXl or Volumio on the pi.