Raspberrry Pi with USB Regen?

I have a USB Regen between an Allo USBridge and a dac. Not necessary perhaps. Thoughts?

I am thinking of setting up a minimalistic headphone setup with the USB Regen and gear I already have.
What do you guys think of a setup with an inexpensive Raspberry Pie instead of an another USBridge, hook it up to the USB Regen and finally into a spare HRT Microstreamer?

I’ve been using an iFi USB silencer with a Raspberry Pi. It’s almost as good as the Allo USBridge I have just got working, but there is a slight improvement going to the the Allo.

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I had an RPI -> iFi Audio iPurifier3 -> iFi iDAC 2.

My impression was (could not do blind A/B testing, but I did try playing the same tracks with and without the iPurifier many times, so take this for the subjective opinion that it is), that the iPurifier made the audio sound less dynamic and with reduced spaciality.

I sent the iPurifier back.

And I think this is the only way to actually know what a piece of audio equipment sounds like to YOU in Your Setup and in Your Room - buy it, try it, and if it doesn’t hold up to expectations, send it back.

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I’m going to get an RPI to try this. If it doesn’t play well, I have an old Apple iPod speaker I can Roonify.