Raspberry 3B, Allo DAC 2.1 (Dual Stereo), KALI, Roonbridge: Volume issues

Hi everyone,

Im sure this has been discussed but I have not been able to find a solution.

I am running this combination: Raspberry 3B, Allo DAC 2.1 (Dual Stereo), KALI with Roonbridge endpoint.

When using roon to control volume on the Piano 2.1, I get channel volume drops or unmatched L/R volume level output from the Piano 2.1

The Piano 2.1 is running dual stereo mode.

I do not have this problem when using volumio or jRiver as software volume control. Roon core runs on an iMac.

Has anyone else experienced this? Are the ALSA drivers the same for both ROON endpoint and volumio?

I am having the same issue.

Allo Piano 2.1 with Kali.

I open Alsa mixer and master volume control left and right are not in synch with one another when raising or lowering the volume.

Any help is appreciated.