Raspberry 7" Display Support

thinking about buying a rasberry with an raspberry with IQaudIO Pi-DigiAMP+.
There are bundels with and without the diyplay. i would love to buy the one with and have a roon endpoint with amp and remote on the display.
Are there any plans to support this display?
Or is it possible to use android on the rasberry with the digiamp+ as endpoint with display and amp?

Thanks for your help.


Currently it is not possible to use the display. There should be some options with the release of the Roon API soon. But this will probably involve some tweaking and good linux skills…

ok, then i will go the way without the display and buy a seperate tablet like the pipo for the kitchen :wink:

Hello I have the Pi 7" screen and am using Picoreplayer on a Pi 2. I use it as a Roon Logitech endpoint. When I do it shows the album that is now playing but you can’t control Roon with it. (Yet)

You are right Warren. I assumed Tobias wanted to use Roon’s RAAT protocal (which he actually did not specifically mention). But LMS would at the moment be the best option when it comes to the 7" touchscreen! :slight_smile:

If someone is not very familiar with Linux, maybe max2play images could also be an option to use LMS. They are quite easy to setup.

is it possible to group the squeezbox devices with roon bridges? Cause airplay and roon devices are not groupable. thats sad

ok found it not possible. sadly.

i have another question. If i use a raspberry pi with an iqaudio image. will this endpoint be allsways available as player oder do i have to turn it on? I like airplay devices they get turned on as soon as you need them and power off when they are done.
And how does the loudness control work her? All via app?

Is there anybody who can answer this?

I leave my Pi3’s with DAC+ on all the time thus always available. I use the RC3 version of the image, no “wake on lan” functionality that I know of in that version.