Raspberry Pi 3 Roon Bridge Image Hifiberry Digi Roon 1.6 upgrade

My Raspberry Pi 3 with Hifiberry Digi stopped working after I upgraded to 1.6. It disappeared from my set up – I went to the Hifiberry download page and flashed an image with version 1.8 and it still doesn’t work –

I have a wired lan connection
When I connect to a monitor it says everything is OK except the following:

[FAILED] Failed to start dhcpcd service on all interfaces

[FAILED] failed to start raise network interfaces

It does load HiFiBerry Roon client 1.8

and it detects the sound card then stops at a login prompt

What is you network setup like…everything on one subnet? Looks like it maybe not getting an IP address

I think that might be it - I have a wireless router connected via ethernet to a switch - I used up the ports on the Router and I have the pi plugged into a small switch off the router. I am thinking of just going straight from my cable modem to switch and running everything through the switch including my wireless router and not using any of the routers ports - not sure that there is a dhcp server in there

You can probably tell I don’t know what I’m doing - I want Roon server and Roon endpoint wired and I run Roon wirelessly from my laptop