Raspberry Pi 3 with Ropieee not recognized by network (solved)

Hi, I am struggling with getting my Pi 3 with Ropieee to work. It simply wont be recognized by my network. I have tried reflashing, without success. It is connected via Ethernet directly to the router. It wont show up among the network connected devices. Anyone had a similar problem or might know a fix?

Clarification: The Pi 3 is recognized by the router and I get to the Ropieee web interface when entering the IP-address in my browser. But it is only recognized by Windows network as a generic network attached device (not as a computer) and it is not recognized at all by Roon.

Solved it eventually. Apparently I needed to have the USB attached to a DAC for Roon to recognize it. So after attaching the DAC and rebooting once it worked.