Raspberry Pi 3B..hifiBerry. Works great..but

Quick Story…
Unboxed, Assembled, Flashe Roon image to SD card. Booted…and Music played… Wow… amazing…

Here is the real story… above is what I should have done… Instead.
0. Down load and copy image to SD card…

  1. Unboxed
  2. Assembled
  3. Plugged in keyboard mouse screen
  4. Inserted SD card with Windows copied image Roon file.
  5. Powered on
  6. Nothing…
  7. Try 50 more times… Nothing
  8. Unassembled, removed hifiberry
  9. Repeat… Nothing
  10. Read online… lots of videos lots of clues… no answers
  11. Finally… Flash, burn, or etch the image to SD… YEAH… new idea which I knew, but just read COPY so many times instead of flash SD…
  12. Now Boot… BOOM. Comes right up to a password screen.
  13. Spend an hour trying to figure out the password…
  14. Finally find on forum… IT IS LOCKED… your done.
  15. Look on Roon remote and there it is like magic.

So for anyone trying this. It is a great and simple Roon end point… just download a image flash too… ETCHER… and it should take less than 5 minutes to be up and working…

Rarely takes me more than 10 mins to set up any of these distros. I make sure I read through before starting then just follow the guides. And I’m a Noob!

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We are exactly the same but opposite… I do all the work… Then read the guides. It’s my mom’s fault… They say she dropped me twice… from high up.


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you are AWESOME!

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You remind me of my father in law.

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He wasn’t dropped…he was pushed.

It’s likely that was the true story for me as well…
Hahhaha… anyway I hope you still like your Farther In Law regardless.

He’s ace. Almost 80 and still into Hi-Fi and streaming. I set his Nova box up for him and he loves it. The next step is to try the new Roon-Devialet update and see how it compares to his current USB driven set up. He also wants me to build a Pi Screen/ Dac combination for him as he likes the idea of using one for an endpoint.I hope Im as interested at that age.