Raspberry Pi 3B+ newbie- what's the current recommended instal & set up?

Apologies if I’ve missed it but all of the posts I found with setup instructions were a couple of years old and it sounds like raspberry keeps evolving…

So. I’ve just purchased and set up a 3B+ with Raspbian preinstalled on the micro SD. I want to use it as an endpoint feeding, wirelessly, a peachtree nova with digital via the usb, optical or coax input.

I expect I need to instal RoonBridge but am not clear on the need the instal one of the other flavors of Pi OS. ?

thanks in advance


5 min :slight_smile: And you are good to go. Perfect easy setup.


THANKS. I knew it’d be easy. Or the appearance of easy…

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I too recommend Ropieee. Note that it is a substitute for Rasbian not an addition. So you will have to reflash the SD or perhaps flash another card.

Just didn’t want you confused.

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And I’m now up and running. Straight off I’d say it sounds really great, dunno if there’s burn in on these things? The RoPieee Beginner’s Guide was great- super easy to follow. Big ups to https://community.roonlabs.com/u/Nathan_Wilkes for that!.

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No burn in that is noticeable. A couple could of tips for a standalone pi, because the USB shares the bus with Ethernet, there is a potential for noise. I’ve found WiFi actually works better and combined with an iFi USB purifier and iFi power supply, is a great little unit.

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Good choice!

HiFiBerry Digi+ add on with the steel case is a great match. Easy setup and awesome sound. Very afordable setup.

Oh there is a steel case?! I thought I’d seen that then only saw the acrylic. Must dig back in

You can find info here: https://www.hifiberry.com/shop/cases/steel-case-for-hifiberry-digi-black/

Ah right. That’s for hifiberry. I’ve got the AlloOne… Do you know if it’d work with that case?

You should choose a OS based on how simple you want this process to be. One one end of that spectrum is Ropieee—minimal configuration, easy to install, but makes the RP3 into a dedicated Roon endpoint. You could also choose something like DietPi—less simple to set up, but still fairly automated and allows the RP3 to be used for other apps (Airplay, Pi-Hole, etc.) as well.