Raspberry Pi 4 B has rebooted 6 times today

Hi @spockfish

I have been having a heck of a time today with Ropieee. I had a couple of reboots this morning which seemed to be normal updates but I have had it now reboot at least 6 times after. It is stable for an hour or so and then reboots again.

It seems like it keeps bouncing back between 2023.1.1 and 2023.2

Here is my ID: 07f42683f18015ab


The good news is that you’re the first one that actually have seen RoPieee’s redundant system mode in real life: the update fails hence it returns to the previous one.

That being said: you’re facing a corruption in the configuration database, which results in a failure during the update.

Only solution right now is a reflash I’m afraid.



Look at me being the lucky one. I think you did mention you were adding that but I have not been reading the updates as much because I was not having any issues. :wink:

Thanks for the quick response. Will reflash.




Hi @spockfish
So my struggles continue. I did the flash of 2023.1.1 which is what is available on the site. All was well for a couple of days. Today the cycling has started again. Now I lose wifi after it does the recovery back to 2023.1.1. I have it set to no auto update so I don’t know why it is doing the 2023.2.

My feedback id: ee4def6686a3914f

Thanks for any help. I will reflash again if you think it is best. Cheers.

So maybe corruppted memory card then ?

Could be. It finally took the 2023.2 update and worked for an hour and now back to it again. I will try another card for the heck of it. Thanks.