Raspberry Pi 4 - WiFi won't connect

Hi folks - got my RoPieee up and running fine via ethernet (v3.088). I can configure my WiFi network no problem. Once I reboot and unplug, my router can no longer see it and I don’t have connectivity ? Everything setupwise is pretty much default, and ethernet plugged in during setup and which unit was flashed.
I have a 2nd RoPieee with the same spec, but same problem.
Running nicely over ethernet, but would love to run WiFi.
Anything obvious to check ? @monkfeesh ?


If your wifi name has a symbol in it won’t work. I had the same issue. My wifi name was Tom’s wifi. I got rid of the apostrophe and all was well. I live in a Mac world and never had an issue before the RoPieee. I believe it’s a Linux thing.

yes yes ! that will be it I think @Thomas_Mauceri - thanks so much for jumping in. I love my RoPieees and this one was starting to drive me nuts :clap: