Raspberry Pi 4B w/ Hifiberry Digi+ found in Roon but no readable digital output. Even from The Pi USB ports

Hello folks

I assembled the Pi 4B w; DIGI+ and loaded the latest Ropieee. Roon recognizes the Pi and Ropieee and the DIGI+. I can’t coax any sound out of the DIGI+ or the Pi4 USB output. When sending a signal to the Pi/Berry, the scrapper advances some but not consistently, as a good steam would. I have an IFI Zen Stream working with Roon.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Because Roon recognized the device, I can’t help but think there is something obvious I’m overlooking.

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What bitrate tracks are you trying to play? Might try changing it in Roon.
Depending on what connection you use you may need to adjust it.
Is the RPi wired or wireless?

Is the USB audio enabled in RoPieee WebUI?

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Thanks for your response

I have tried 16/44.1 up to 24/96. I have set it up wired but run it wirelessly. Yes USB Audio is enabled. I set the sample rate for the Pi to 96kHz I am not very tech savvy but I know just enough to get into trouble.

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Screen shot of the audio tab in ropieee please

Also under advanced do a feedback and post the code here for Harry (@spockfish)

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You might want to try hifiberry os.

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Your help is much appreciated

Here is the code:

Great idea


Hi @Julien_Therrien

I only see the HAT, no USB DAC attached.

Can you disable all additional services? Spotify and UPNP?

Everything seems ok from the logs, but it could be that the services are ‘fighting’ for access to the audio card.


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I only connected the USB output when I couldn’t get anything from the HAT Coax and Optical.
The Pi and HAT were connected to a coaxial input of my integrated when the Feedback scan was initiated.
I disabled the HAT on all of the services and attempted to stream. It is still a no-go.
Here is the code for the scan I ran after the changes. And the optical out from the Digi+ was feeding the input of my integrated when this scan was run. a6878dcc4307ca3

Thanks for your time and patience.

At least I see in the logs wat you experience: playing audio (via Roon) starts, but immediately is stopped again because the audio device stops.

So… to prevent confusion: is this a new HAT?
Because I’m wondering if you should use the other driver…

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It is NOS. I bought it a few years ago and recently put it together.

How would I load another driver?

Your help is much appreciated.

Well, I reflashed the SD card with Hifiberry OS. Music is pouring forth from both optical and coaxial outputs of the DIGI+.

Thanks everyone for your help and guidance. Your replies are much appreciated.

@spockfish I put a little bit of booty into ropieeeXL. Thanks for all your hard work.