Raspberry Pi 8GB and Ropieee

Just received my Raspberry Pi 8GB version and finding myself unable to boot up Ropieee. Anyone else having issues? Will the current version of Ropieee run on the 8GB Pi, or does it need a 64bit version of the software. Just curious before I waste too much time troubleshooting.

8GB RPi4 requires a 64 bit-kernel. I’m guessing RoPieee is still on a 32-bit kernel.

Also, 8GB is wasted on RoPieee. I have one RoPieeeXL setup for my office headphones rig, and it averages around 340MB of RAM used (FWIW, DLNA, ShairPort-Sync and librespot are enabled, HQPlayer NAA is disabled). That extra memory does NOTHING for a Roon endpoint, even if you enable all the XL add-on modules. The 1GB version is more than enough (and from what I’ve read, also discontinued – so use the 2GB version for RoPiee).

MiB Mem :   1761.0 total,   1221.6 free,    237.3 used,    302.1 buff/cache

Confirmed, 32bit:

[root@ropieeexl-office-headphones ~]# uname -m


Hi @Graham_Miles1,

No it does not need 64-bit version of the software. RoPieee has a kernel with LPAE support which makes it capable of addressing 64GB.

So this has nothing to do with that, but probably the firmware/bootloader needs to be updated to actually identify the device.

I’ve ordered one myself. Was about to release a RoPieee update this weekend, so hopefully I can squeeze this in.


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Hi @Graham_Miles1,

I’ve created a beta image with an updated bootloader and firmware: http://image.ropieee.org/20200609-ropieee-ose_rpi234-beta.bin.xz

This is blind: as I don’t have the hardware I can’t test it. But if you’re up to it you might give it a try. I’m pretty sure it will work.



thanks Harry I’ll give it a try this morning and report back.

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You did it Harry. Working perfectly now. Many thanks for jumping on the fix so quickly. Impressive support indeed. I made a donation.

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This is great to know. Thanks!

Interesting that a previous poster should say the 8GB is wasted on such a small application as Ropieee. Why wouldn’t anyone going for a new Pi purchase opt for the one with maximum potential and future proofing? For around $20 more you have double the memory over the 4GB version.

It’s a (very) small difference, but the 8GB does consume more power. How much that adds up to over time, dunno.

And by the time I’d be considering repurposing an RPi used for RoPieee, there will likely be yet another newer model out that is even more powerful for the same (or lower) cost…

Reality is even the RPi4 platform is overkill for what RoPieee needs. But it is justifiable as it brings material improvements (such as proper dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi, proper wired Ethernet, etc).

Good points. I guess my philosophy in anything leans towards over-specifying and overkill. If I ever build anything it’s spec’d way beyond minimum code. I mean the Colosseum in Rome was built to code and look at it now. Each to his own.

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… a little bit of history …
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Agreed. Codes and standards are bare minimums :grimacing: