Raspberry PI / Allo DigiOne configuration

As a newcomer to the Roon / audio streaming world, I need some assistance. I want to connect my Roon core pc to a Pioneer Elite receiver. As an interim solution I am currently using a Chromecast Audio connected via optical.

After some reading here, it sounded like the RPI / Allo DigiOne combo would provide a substantial upgrade. I understand that I would need the following:

  • a Roon core
  • the RPI / DigiOne combo
  • DietPI
  • Roon bridge?

Where I don’t have any expertise is in configuring the RPI. Is there someone who could provide a detailed description of setting up the RPI / DigiOne combo and configuring Roon or is there a document somewhere that I’ve missed?

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It should for the most part come pre-configured and ready to go from Allo. Just choose if you want DietPi, Volumio, or Max2Play. Plug it in, connect it to your network, and Roon should see it.

I’d recommend using the Ropieee image. It works with the DigiOne and is a ready-to-go image; you’ll be up-and-running in a few minutes. All configuration settings are handled through a web browser.


Thanks everyone for your help.

I think its time to take the jump - Ill let you know how it goes.

I just installed a DigiOne Signature with Ropieee. I confirm that the install works as advertised. Just one important note: only use 4GB or 8GB SSD cards, as mentioned in the install notes on the ropieee.org site. I tried a 32GB I had lying around and the setup on the DigiOne froze. Good luck and enjoy.

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