Raspberry Pi and I2S

Is anyone using Raspberry Pi as and Roon endpoint to feed I2S to an external DAC? If so, please reply with I2S output HAT and DAC you are using…
I am using IanCanada HDMIPi and Holo Spring. It works very nicely except for one gremlin…

Pi2AES HAT via I2S into a Topping D70


But the I2S is limited to 24/192Khz and I think DSD64 DoP.

Worthless for me…I need at least 24/384Khz and DSD256.

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ok so the IanCanada is good for 768k and 1024DSD. Problem is there only seems to be HAT drivers that go to 384k/32 (I need a DAC Hat driver for Roon to see’s it as a renderer/end point). I would be happy with that for now but when using a 384/32 HAT driver (say Hifi Berry or Audiophonics), my left and right channels are out of phase on 16bit audio. If I return to a 192k/24 driver, my 16bit audio is fine.
This leads me to believe the Raspberry Pi Kernel has some driver quirk for the higher FS chips? (because if I put a 384k capable DAC Hat on, it’s audio is fine). Help anyone?

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